LJ Idol Recs: Week Six

I actually had time to read everything again this week and to whip up this little reclist. Hopefully I shall be a little more consistent in the future! Once again, I forced myself to restrict it to five pieces, although I voted for more. Alphabetic order.

* belgatherial speaks of elementals with language that gives me shivers
* zarathustra gives us a great dystopian piece.
* furzicle brings a piece of history to life
* hosticle_fifer tells of a monster from the deep and keeps his audience enthralled to the end
* snarkerdoodle presents a magical tale

There are many other great entries out there this week, so I definitely recommend reading as many as you can.

Idol Recs: Week Two

I managed to get through everything this week, so thought I'd point out five pieces that stood out to me. It was hard to keep to five, and I certainly voted for more, but please do check out these offerings, especially as a couple are currently under-valued in terms of votes!

* astraevirgo - @ - a quiet piece about a huge event
* ellistrae - @ - universe building that left me wanting more
* locknkey - @ - words that flow like rushing water
* rejeneration - @ - language that you just sink into
* tigrkittn - @ - tight and all too familiar for most

(I shall make this entry friends-only in a week or so, because I like to keep things tidy.)
Jackson's Pond


We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand.
E. M. Forster

You're new here.

Up until now, it's felt like a holiday. You've grown familiar with the crooked streets of Mount Fortitude and the warm shallows of Jackson's Pond. When you wake in the morning, the hills cast long shadows over the garden and the sound of birdsong follows you throughout the day. You've barbequed at Council Place, bought ice creams from the Burke Street milk bar and perhaps even caught a movie at the tiny cinema in the centre of the town.

The holiday's over, though. School's about to start, and with it the trial of learning to fit in. New faces, new rules, new classrooms and corridors and customs. The uniform itches and you can't decide how to wear your hair. Everyone has a story here, some you'd never dream of, and yours is the least important of them all. Smile and you might make a friend.

Welcome to Fortitude High.
Jackson's Pond

LJ Idol

I will be participating in Season 7 of therealljidol as an attempt to kick start this thing. The competition aspect of it is off-putting, but I'm not sure I'd be appropriately committed enough if I just chose to play the Home Game.